Art Gallery

“Thank you for checking out my work. I hope that you enjoy looking around. Click on the images below to read about the story behind the work, details of the original piece, and even order a print. If you’d like to work together on a commissioned piece, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks again”.

-Rick H.

Wolves of Winter

Winchester Over The Hammurabi

Fights On!

The Color Of Courage

Tails Of A Pilot Maker

Sword of Thunder

Sweating Out The Mission

Sunburst Flyby

Steele Rain Over Sangin

Ships of the Desert


Rocket And Roll

Smoke On!


Montreal Made Atlanta Bound / Delta Airlines A-320

Legacy of Leadership / TWA Airlines

Leatherneck Air

Knife Fight

Ivan Takes Iven

Into the Soup

Hurrin' Home Horses

Hit and Run

Hawaiian Air

Ground Zero, Eagles on Station

Grand Canyon Lightning

Global Crossing

Global Crossing II

Fuji Flyby / Delta Airlines A-350


First Team

First Pass, Defenders over Washington

Fighting Season

Fight Like a Girl!

Ducks on the Pond

Double Over Berlin


DFC Over Nangahar

Heading North / Delta Airlines

Counter Play

Cayuse Over Kabul

Bluesmobile / Jet Blue Airlines


An American First